Customizing energy for the future

Our Mission:​

To promote the ultimate solution in power infrastructure, exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our Vision:​

To become a national market leader, been recognized as the best company in our industry.

Our Values:​

Commitment to our customers, technical responsibility, respect people and our employees, and commitment to the environment.

Thanks to our engineering department and relying on the vast experience of our management group and employees over the years, MEGAWATT is increasing its market share, achieving the trust of expressive companies, offering “turn-key” projects by providing gensets for emergency and prime power, mainly in mining, hospital, pharmaceutical, automobile and retail, from the technical and

commercial follow up to the project implementation nationwide.


One of our leading products is the “Retrofit” that includes the upgrade of the genset control system, mostly on the control panels always using the best modules available worldwide, bringing energy economy and efficiency through the newest technologies that give our customers:

 Increase of performance and reliability of production and administrative facilities;

Decrease of electrical energy and genset maintenance costs;

Increase of the equipment’s operational lifetime.  

Your business cannot stop!


Since 2001

As a consequence of the power rationing that afflicted Brazil in 2001 and fearing an expected new energy crisis the Brazilian businessmen began the acquisition of generator sets to avoid a fatal decrease of production that could mean profit losses. With an increasing demand and the urge to quickly feed this new market, generator manufacturing companies did not advise their customers on the best use of the energy generation and distribution systems.


To avoid this, since 2004 MEGAWATT provides advisory to its clients on the best options of genset use, guarantying the investment return and the best use in the peak hour. Our team also performs special tailored projects considering the customer’s current installation, upgrading the systems to make them suitable to the new needs of the energy market, providing reliability and financial return.

Mario Sergio E. Beheregaray

Business Director 

Board of Directors
Leandro Pereboni

Technical and Engineering Director