Always prepared to meet all its customers’ requests

Preventative Maintenance


Personal service coordinated by MEGAWATT technicians according to the clients need and availability. Scheduled visits for follow-up of the follow up to assure it will always be in safe use conditions.

Corrective Maintenance

MEGAWATT’s products are designed to operate reliably in high requirement situations. In case of equipment failure MEGAWATT provides a telediagnosis telephonic care service to help the clients and, if necessary, corrective maintenance with replacement parts in the field.


MEGAWATT differentiate itself by offering a broad portfolio of services and studies focused on power generation and distribution always aiming the best cost-effective for our clients based on their needs.

Replacement Parts

With a large expertise, our team delivers reliability in the preventative and corrective maintenance and in the service provided.


MEGAWATT offers its repair-vehicles for quick calls.


The company has a complete stock of parts for CUMMINS, MWM, PERKINS, MERCEDES and IVECO diesel engines. We also have a technical team that is specialized in genset, control panels and transfer switches maintenance, as in the entire electrical station. 

Acoustic Room Treatment

The installation of any type of equipment should be preceded by a good project and a good planning. Besides having skilled team to the genset application, we are ready to solve any problem regarding logistics, design and suitability of the equipment.


We offer genset’s acoustic treatment for building rooms or in containers, with reduction of 85, 75 or 65db, using technologies developed to meet every standard requirement by the regulatory authorities.

Equipment Rental

To meet the market demand MEGAWATT provides the rental of gensets while performing maintenance in our client’s equipment.


We perform long-term rental for stand-by or peak hour power supply, without requiring a larger investment from our clients.


We offer load transfer switches rental that enable parallel operation with the local power grids, command panels with logical automation of the equipment, enabling the “upgrade” of the facilities, installing silent equipment for the peak hour operation.

Measurement of power quality is with MEGAWATT

The measurement of power quality enables us to know the customer’s energy profile. Our team has extensive knowledge to diagnose and solve problems related to power quality, to propose projects and provide equipment that will increase the power quality, aiming at the preservation of client’s equipment and infrastructure and power savings. 


MEGAWATT offers the RETROFIT service in generators, as well in parallel and transfer switches by using the most advanced technologies existing in the world and always using the existing installation, assuring the increase of reliability of the emergency power system and decreasing the maintenance costs.


The advantage of RETROFIT is to enable the management and fulltime “online” monitoring the power system to anticipate eventual failures that the equipment may cause, minimizing the stopping time for maintenances.

Workshops and Training

MEGAWATT provides tailored workshops and technical training programs, empowering clients’ employees in engineer and maintenance matters related to power generation and distribution.


These workshops are provided at our headquarters in São Bernardo do Campo, or in our clients’ facilities.

Technical Assistance


We offer preventative and corrective maintenance contracts, including parts or not, considering monthly, bimonthly or quarterly visits to assure the decrease of costs and to increase the reliability of the power generation system.


We keep our technical team in constant training to assure continuous improvement of our services by providing expertise and technological innovations for prompt service. 

Advantages of having a remote monitoring in your generator set:

The reading of the electrical quantities of the network of the concessionaire and the generator;

Operation history and alarms;

Sending of e-mails or sms when an alarm occurs;

Monitor the Generator Set and the transfer system through the Smartphones and

   Tablets application,

Reduces the number of emergency calls and additional costs with visits;

Enables precise fuel management;

Maximizes system uptime;

Issuance of monthly reports containing occurrences, historical